Background: Michelle enjoys teaching a strong, slow + flowing practice that syncs movement with breath. She emphasises safe, healthy alignment and the linking of movement  with breath (vinyasa)  to enhance strength, flexibility + mindfulness (or present moment awareness) and associated benefits (including greater relaxation, improved concentration and greater self-awareness).  

Michelle strives to share yoga in a safe and accessible way and to create a non-competitive, relaxed environment to participate in, so that its many benefits can be appreciated. Her classes are suitable for all abilities and levels and she offers modifications + alternatives to suit individual differences. She specialises in teaching yoga to staff and students at universities.


Training:  Michelle first came across yoga at the Buddhafield festival (2009) + soon after then became an  integral part of her life due to the improved well-being and freedom that she associates with her practice 

Michelle  later graduated from Triyoga's  2-year (390 hour) teacher training diploma under the  guidance of senior teachers Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo-Deemer.     She has also completed a teacher's immersion in Vinyasa Flow led by Mimi Kuo-Deemer at Triyoga. She continues to explore the wide range of yoga teachings , and loves to discover + share them with others

Michelle is a British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher and is a certified first aider.


Psychology: Michelle has a background in psychology and currently works at University College London [UCL] in the field of public health.  She  is passionate about health + wellbeing at work and offers yoga classes to staff at UCL.

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